Looking for transceiver (antenna) for airborne mobile robot

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Re: Looking for transceiver (antenna) for airborne mobile robot

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robotmore wrote:I have a rocket-shaped (tube-shaped) mobile 20mm in diameter. From a base-unit, 600yards away, I want to be able to send two floats (call it x and y) every 1/60th of a second (60Hz data rate [or faster]) to a pic chip such as the below pic chip that is inside the mobile.

https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/268/ ... 767332.pdf

For this I will need some type of antenna that will fit in the mobile. You can assume there is line-of-sight between the fixed-base and the mobile with regard to communication-range. The antenna will need to be able to communicate the (x,y) values to the pic chip.

Any suggestions on the antenna (and base communicator) for this?

I apologize in advance if this is a "shopping question." (I don't have privileges to talk in the 'chat' section yet.)

If the correct term is 'receiver' instead of 'antenna', I also apologize in advance.

edit/add: It seems a communication-delay of about 0.033seconds may be tolerable. 600yards = 548.64meters.

This question looks like out of range of what we do :-)

However, some hints that maybe useful:
- There are many very inexpensive UART-over-radio modules. They look to me as the simplest way to implement what you are looking for. Quite many, provide the range you are looking for
- Since, I assume, the weight is import, I would go with a basic wire antenna

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