Temperature Problem

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Temperature Problem

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The environment temperature has a great influence on the location, and the modem has a temperature setting interface, so we consider setting temperature compensation in real time to improve the location accuracy. We have made the following experiment to judge the effectiveness of temperature compensation, but got some incomprehensible results.

In the experiment, 4 beacons are used to form submap, and one static hedgedog is used to locate. We use raw distances btween the hedgedog and a beacon 12 meters away to analyze.

we record the raw distances data for about 26h continuously, and write correct temperature to the modem every 10min for compensation. The result of this experiment is shown in the figure below. With temperature compensation, when the temperature rises or falls, the distance curve shows a zigzag shape, which can be understood. However, it's hard to understand why there is a rising step of the distances when the temperature reaches the highest point of 23 ℃. It's also puzzling why distances at the beginning is so high.

Looking for any explanations or suggestions.

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