Mobile Beacon disappears when drawing Service Zone

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Mobile Beacon disappears when drawing Service Zone

Post by GeorgeFlorian »

I am trying to implement a simple zone using 3 beacons placed on the ceiling and measure the movements on 2 axis. I've set their heights relative to the floor. I've placed the mobile beacon on a box and I've set it's height to 0.1m and I am moving it inside the area. I don't care about the Z axis right now. The area covered is small, around 4x2m.

The problem is that whenever I create a Service Zone, one of the beacons disappears. The beacon that disappears is random. It can be a stationary beacon or the mobile beacon.

In this case the mobile beacon disappeared after I've created the Service Zone.

Here is a screenshot without Service Zone:

I now define a zone and the mobile beacon starts flashing green-orange:

After a while the mobile beacon disappears:

At this link: ... ZiNzc1OThk you can download the map files before(withoutSZ_map) and after(withSZ_map) the Service Zone is drawn and the mobile beacon disappears. I've tried attaching the .ini files to this post but the format is not supported. You should add the capability to attach .ini files to a forum post since you need them to debug.

I have encountered another similar situation when using 2 beacons for the 2D example. I draw a Service Zone and one of the stationary beacon disappears. When I try to Wake it up it says that Device is not connected. I have to pres the Reset button to make it visible again.

I am beginning to think that there is a big bug somewhere.

Other questions that aren't documented:
What does it mean when the values from the table are flashing ? What does it mean when a beacon is flashing with an orange outline ? They begin flashing after I draw the Service Zone.
Please answer to both of these questions, as these are not documented anywhere.

I draw the Service Zone using SHIFT+LeftClick.

I have the Super Starter Set NIA-3D 868/915MHz which contains:
1x Modem HW4.9 915
5x Super Beacon 915-31.0-IMU

I have installed everything from marvelmind_SW_2021_01_31, meaning:

The beacons have perfect line sight and no obstruction.

Please advice. I've been at it for the past 2 days and nothing works.

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Re: Mobile Beacon disappears when drawing Service Zone

Post by GeorgeFlorian »

I would also like to know why do the beacons from the list start flashing after drawing a Service Zone ?


Also, why is beacon 3 name text in orange ?

Flashing means - losing the radio connection.
The beacons can lose connection when:
- Wrong radio profiles
- Discharged
- Strong interference. But, if other beacons are OK - highly unlikely

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Re: Mobile Beacon disappears when drawing Service Zone

Post by admin »

Thank you for sharing.

As discussed in the chat, we expect from in email more details:
- Photos of all beacons with white labels - we have to check that you use the right HW
- Screen captures of all Dashboards views when beacons and modem are one by one USB connected - we have to make sure that you indeed used the right SW with your HW
-Videos of how exactly you place the beacons and carry the mobile beacon and the result on the Dashboard - we have to make sure you followed the basic recommendations described in the Placement Manual
- Save Map and share via email

Then, we will have enough data and will be able to advise you.

Overall basic recommendations:
- If you stuck with something more complex - build something more basic, for example, a very basic 2D map with a single mobile beacon
- Really check the steps in the Operating Manual. Practice shows that in 95% of cases something very basic wasn't simply done. The remaining 5% are on us :-)

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