Marvelmind & CubePilot Integration

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Marvelmind & CubePilot Integration

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Original customer's request:

We currently have several sets of the Marvelmind HW v4.9 beacons and modems. We are trying to integrate the Marvelmind indoor navigation system with a CubePilot Orange flight controller running Arducopter v4.0.4. We have followed all the guides on the Marvelmind website for integrating with Ardupilot and Pixhawk, as well as the guides on and all the relevant Marvelmind forum posts, but we have not been successful. In all of our attempts, the flight controller never receives position data.

Is the Marvelmind hardware we currently have incapable of interfacing with Arducopter flight controllers?

Our first reply:

Yes, we do support PixHawk with ArduPilot - for Beacon HW v4.9. And we support PixHawk with PX4 with Super-Beacons.
Perhaps, some UART speed settings or something like that?...

Eventually, the customer was able to get 3D fix by doing the following:

I ignored the instructions online because they didn't work for me, and instead just plugged the Marvelmind beacon into an available serial port on the CubePilot (Telem2 / Serial 2, in my case). Then I set the following ArduCopter parameters:

Serial2_Baud = 115 (115200)
Serial2_Protocol = 5 (GPS)
GPS_Type = 5 (NMEA)

in order to match the settings of the connected hedgehog, under Interfaces:

UART speed, bps = 115200
Streaming output = USB+UART
Protocol on UART/USB output = NMEA 0183
enable all NMEA messages

Using these parameters, I was able to get the aircraft to show up in Mission Planner with "3D Fix" at the coordinates I specified in the Marvelmind dashboard.

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Re: Marvelmind & CubePilot Integration

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How did they set up the BCN_ORIENT_YAW ?

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