Starter Set Super-MP-3D can't track hedgehog

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Re: Starter Set Super-MP-3D can't track hedgehog

Post by Chris »

For the record: the modem is placed right in the middle of the room, so the distance between in relation to the beacons should not be an issue. I also added the saved map file to the attachments if that helps.

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Re: Starter Set Super-MP-3D can't track hedgehog

Post by smoker77 »

Hello Chris,

From the map file I see you are using IA architecture with one submap with 4 stationary beacons.
But the problem is that two of these beacons (17 and 45) have same ultrasonic frequency (31 kHz).
This is not allowed in IA and dashboard should show notification about this on the top side.

Please check the beacons frequencies and make sure the frequency setting corresponds to frequency printed on the sticker on the bottom of the beacon. You should not modify this frequency, because beacon can emit only its own frequency (other frequencies will be emitted very weak).

Also submap and map are not frozen according to the map file, you should freeze them for tracking.

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