Hedgehog drifts in 2D IA mode

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Hedgehog drifts in 2D IA mode

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Hi team,
I am using marvelmind super-MP-3D beacon set in 2D IA mode I am facing issues
1) After creating submap when i click on M1/M2 to overlap the mobile beacon position in both the submaps, I see that only submap 0 is highlighted and only mobile beacon0 is shown in the submap. Am I missing any step ? Why is not submap1 also highlighted
Screenshot from 2021-04-08 13-36-37.png

2) After I freeze submap and create service zone and handover zone, the hedge dirfts a lot mostly in handover zone. I have never get a smooth trajectory of mobile beacon the hedgehog position keeps on jumping. I am using 4 different frequencies for stationary beacons( I have done alt+left to tell the submap which is the handover zone which was mentioned in one of the post).
Screenshot from 2021-04-08 15-38-28.png
3) what is the minimum distance should be maintained between stationary beacons to get proper position of hedgehog without much drift?

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