Strange noise in Super Beacon

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Strange noise in Super Beacon

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We run into a problem with the Super Beacon. It reads a really strong signal from really close to the beacon. It is around 10cm.
But it should not be an actual signal, because it is always there. We have a single Super beacon, but tested everything else, and it was always there. With different environment, placement and signal sending beacons.
The problem with this is that it makes the actual signals also fitered out alongside with it in half the time. Because of it the sofware uses some distant echo for the distance calculation, making the positioning very innacurate (this can be 10s of meters). The measurements would be good, if the first, and strongest received signal would be used after the early noise, so if we could get rid of it, the system would be usable.

What can be done about this? Could this be something releated to some setting or calibration, or maybe some SW releated things? If it is HW releated, can it be fixed (like new mic), or needs a complete service / new beacon. The problem itself is not big, if the noise disappears, then it can be used correctly, but in the current situation, it is nearly unusable.

We currently use Dashboard 6.240, with firmwares Super Beacon 2021_01_19 and Beacon 2020_09_03.

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