Starter Set Super-MP vs. Super-NIA

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Starter Set Super-MP vs. Super-NIA

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Customer's request:

"I was wondering if you could clarify a query I have regarding using the Starter Set Super-MP-3D for the NIA Architecture. I see in your documentation that the NIA Architecture requires all stationary and mobile beacons to use the same frequency. On the Starter Set Super-MP-3D product page it says that "by default, Starter Set Super-MP-3D supports NIA", however it also states that the beacons come with the following frequencies:
"- 4 x Stationary Super-Beacons (19kHz, 25kHz, 37kHz, 45kHz)

- 1 x Mobile Super-Beacon (identical to the stationary Super-Beacons, but on 31kHz)".

Therefore, it seems that Starter Set Super-MP-3D cannot be used in an NIA architecture because the beacons don't share the same frequency. Could you clarify if Starter Set Super-MP-3D can or cannot be used for NIA architecture? If it can, could you explain how this is set up?"

- It can be used
- Stationary Super-Beacons in NIA are receiving ultrasound. And Super-Beacons can receive any frequency and all at once. They cannot transmit all frequencies or other frequencies than their transducers are designed for. But receiving - no problem
- Therefore, yes, Super-MP can be easily used with NIA

Starter Set Super-NIA is better than Super-MP only when you know for sure that you will use only NIA and you need many beacons with the same ultrasonic frequencies as mobile. Then, yes - order Super-NIA. In all other typical cases, Super-MP is a choice with more flexibility.

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