Marvelmind ROS interface

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Marvelmind ROS interface

Post by chandana »

I am working with marvelmind Super-MP-3D set for my application. To put the beacons to sleep, wakeup and to get telemetry data of stationary beacons we need to use API. For my application I want to use ROS to get the Telemetry information and put the beacons to sleep and wake and write modem configuration with modem used write and read data.
Is there any ROS package to do the same ?

Can I test the existing ROS package with modem connected instead of hedgehog to get hedge position information?

Thank you

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Re: Marvelmind ROS interface

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Currently you can use ROS package to get streaming data.
Actually you can get all data described in the section 2.1 of the protocol: ... 100,53,102
Yes, you can connect to modem instead hedgehog to receive positions of hedgehogs.

Current version of ROS package doesn't support API request functions like waking beacons and sending beacons to sleep.
We will add support of such functions in future updates of the ROS package.

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