Questions about service zones

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Questions about service zones

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Questions we received:
"When i want to create a service zone , the bad thing happened is that alert a message to plane "zones is frozen"。i never create any zone.
what should i do?my meaning is that how to unfrozen ? "

- Please, check video on
- Please, check about the Service Zones and Submaps in general:
- About unfreezing the zones: go to the modem view of the Dashboard - just click the modem in the Dashboard. You will see on the map a button "Freeze Service Zones". In your case - "Unfreeze Service Zones". Unfreeze and the service zones will be editable
- In general, if you are stuck: just Erase Map - click the button in the Dashboard's modem view. It will kill everything, including Service Zones, and build everything properly from the scratch

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