Send data from user device to PC via API - possible?

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Send data from user device to PC via API - possible?

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Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for reading my post and helping me! :D :D

I am working in an autonomous robot project, in which we use Marvelmind's GPS indoor solution (Starter Set HW v4.9-NIA). I am in charge of the communication chain between an Arduino-based robot (Pololu Zumo 32U4 - and a PC.

I am following "Hardware interfaces and protocols of data exchange with Marvelmind devices" ( pdf manual. In section 2.2 the protocol of reading/writing data from/to user device is explained, but I have several questions here:

- First, the following pages talk about sending data from Marvelmind's device (my PC connected to Modem and using C API) to user device (my android-based robot), but how can I reply back with payload data from the user device (my android-based robot) to my PC? For info, I implemented the emission/reception of a {0x4a-0x201} packet, but the reply packet doesn't have any payload data according to that manual. Can I add some payload data in my user device and receive it in my PC?

- Secondly, if I fully understood the manual, there are some packet codes that are free for use (0x203 to 0x2ff) but how I am supposed to implement those frames using the C API? Libraries (.so for Linux and .dll for Windows) seems to be locked...

By the way, I am using a dual boot (Ubuntu/Windows 10) laptop with the Dashboard v7.000 installed, so if there is a particular solution for one of both operating systems I am good with it!

Thanks in advance!

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