IA Pairing loses position

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IA Pairing loses position

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I have read the forum and did not find anything like this. There is a similar topic regarding IA hedgehog problems but it was because he did not have beacons with different frequencies.

I have 6 different Super Beacons, of wich 4 have different frequencies and 2 have the same and a 5.1HW modem. I have uploaded the IA firmware to all beacons and modem and reset them all.

I have created a submap and a map with its service zone with 3 fixed super beacons (all with different frequencies). I am also able to track the position of two mobile beacons which have the same frequency (25Khz). Until here everything is perfect, the positioning of each beacon moves in +- 1cm.

The problem comes when I try to pair them. I paired them and modify the values for the distance and position between them. At this moment they both dissapear from the dashboard and I cannot see their position nor orientation. I have also tried to do this with two super beacons with different frequencies but I get the same result. I have tried to pair them via UART following the steps in the manual.

When uploading NIA firmware to all beacons and modem I can pair them with the same map and same distance between paired beacons. Somehow this does not work when working in IA mode.

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