Noisy raw distance measurement with Omni-Microphone

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Noisy raw distance measurement with Omni-Microphone

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Im trying to debug why my one raw distance measurement is noisy, where my others are clean.

We have a setup with two hedges and 3 stationary super-beacons (all super-beacons) with IA architecture.
Each hedge (front and back) have their own Omni-microphone.
All have same software version and default settings, except for hedges Rx set to Omni-mic and raw distance setting enabled.

When viewing the raw distance data published by the hedges, 5 of the 6 raw distance measurements are fine.
But one measurement (between the front omni-microphone and beacon 4) is very noisy.

If I keep everything in the same position, and just plug in the front omni-mic into the back hedge and visa versa, then the noisy measurement stays with the front omni-mic. Therefore the listening hedge is not the problem, but the omni-mic.

Is it possible that it is the wiring of the omni-mic connector that is not soldered properly? Or do you have any suggestions/experiments how to debug/locate the problem?

Hedge 1 - 37 kHz
Hedge 2 - 31 kHz
Beacon 3 - 25 kHz
Beacon 4 - 45 kHz
Beacon 5 - 19 kHz

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Re: Noisy raw distance measurement with Omni-Microphone

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There could be different sources. More input is required. First suspects:
- Specific noise on specific frequencies: luminescent lamps, DC-DC converters, etc. - quiet in the audible spectrum and noisy in ultrasound
- Just "bad luck" - simply retest and see ;-)

I would rebuild the system, change the beacons' positions; maybe, drop some beacons totally; swap Omni between the beacons. In short - shake up the system, reconfigure and re-test.

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