Absolute Accuracy of Beacons

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Absolute Accuracy of Beacons

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In the manual it states that the absolute accuracy of the beacons is "1-3% of the distance to the beacons". Is this the distance to the closest beacon, farthest beacon, or some other calculation? We are trying to understand how the error is affected by the placement of the beacons in order to optimize the accuracy of our system.


Absolute accuracy refers to absolute distance measurement without any calibration and when you are using the system as a laser distance meter, for example. If you use calibration, accuracy may increase many folds and depends on the type of calibration and other conditions.

What we refer to +-2cm is relative accuracy. For example, you robot starts from point A and goes to point B and then it will be able to return back to point A with +-2cm accuracy. As well, if it goes again to point B it will be able to reach it with +-2cm accuracy. It doesn't really depend on the distance.

The highest accuracy is achieved, when you avoid narrow angles between plane of stationary beacons and mobile beacons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19lUp-ADD3Y - video help


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