Connecting Hedgehog to Processing via Serial

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Connecting Hedgehog to Processing via Serial

Postby djmoore » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:01 pm

Hello, I'd like to read the hedgehog's position directly into my computer via serial with Processing. To do this, I'm trying to convert the Arduino sample code into a Processing sketch. Has anyone been successful doing this? If so, any sample code would be greatly appreciated. If not, my main hangup right now is converting these lines/this data type into something Processing can understand. Any suggestions?

typedef union {byte b[2]; unsigned int w;int wi;} uni_8x2_16;
typedef union {byte b[4];float f;unsigned long v32;long vi32;} uni_8x4_32;

With this sorted out, I think the rest can be pretty easily translated (just changing #define, etc.) Thank you!

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