Updating SW using DFU

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Updating SW using DFU

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In order to upgrade SW using DFU, please, follow the following steps:

Download DFU files (or newer, if available):
- http://marvelmind.com/downloads/2017_03 ... e2b5cb.dfu - beacon DFU SW
- http://marvelmind.com/downloads/2017_03 ... 212d40.dfu - modem DFU SW

Download: http://www.marvelmind.com/downloads/Software.zip

You would have to use DFU programmer and upload DFU SW into modem:
1) Install DFU driver
2) Install DfuSe SW 3.0.04 (or 3.0.3 or 3.0.5 - whatever works the best for your Windows)
- http://www2.st.com/content/st_com/en/pr ... 32080.html
- http://www.marvelmind.com/downloads/DFU ... _Setup.exe
3) Connect modem via USB to PC
4) Run Dfuse SW (don't start Dashboard yet)
5) Short circuit holes temporarily as shown on the picture below:


6) Press reset
7) You shall see in the DfuSe program that there is a device connected in the DFU mode
8) Choose the DFU SW for the modem http://marvelmind.com/downloads/2017_03 ... 212d40.dfu - modem DFU SW
9) Press "Upgrade" button in the DfuSe program
10) After a couple of seconds the DFU will uploaded to the modem. Make sure it actually take 1-3 seconds, but not immediate. Otherwise, it is not really uploading the SW. If immediate, check with "Choose" button you use or even change the version of DfuSe SW to another one


11) Disconnect the short circuit
12) Start the Dashboard and press reset

Everything should be OK now with the SW now. Upload the regular modem SW from the http://www.marvelmind.com website to make sure that the right set of SW is used.

After this upgrade the futures upgrades can be done in a regular manner via the Dashboard.

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