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Shipping & delivery

- Shipping is done via UPS or DHL or EMS depending on the country of destination
- Typical delivery time to the US and Europe is 5-7 days
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It is recommended to use the latest available SW.

To update the SW in your devices:
- Download the SW to your hard drive
- Connect beacon or modem via USB to your computer
- Run the Dashboard => Firmware => Choose the file => Program
- After programming press the HW reset button on modem/beacon
- Double-check in the Dashboard that the modem/beacons contains now the expected version of the SW

Some new SW versions bring very substantial changes to the internal protocols and become incompatible with previous SW version. Thus, always keep the same SW versions on all beacons. Also use only compatible versions of the modem and the Dashboard SW, since they come in a package (beacon SW + modem SW + Dashboard SW) and all shall support the same protocols.

Double-check that the beacon's address is the same after SW updating. Major changes in SW versions may lead to the device's address to be overwritten. If happened, use the Dashboard to assign the required address to the beacon again.

STM driver - required to connect beacons/modems to the Dashboard via USB. It is installed only once on your Windows PC.

Latest stable SW to download

Updated on 02.Feb.2016

- Beacon SW - v4.62
- Modem/router SW - v4.62
- The Dashboard SW - v4.28

What is new:
- For HW v4.7 only! (beacons with 5 ultrasonic sensors)
Several major improvements:
- Support for external flash memory for additional capacity in modem
- Support for the 5th ultrasonic sensor providing even wider coverage in ultrasonic
- Multiple other new features

Updated on 17.Nov.2015

- Beacon SW - v4.27
- Modem/router SW - v4.27
- The Dashboard SW - v3.91

What is new:
- Various bug fixing
- Further usability improvements

Updated on 02.Oct.2015

- Beacon SW - v3.99
- Modem/router SW - v3.99
- The Dashboard SW - v3.67

What is new:
- Advanced power saving modes
- Various bug fixing
- General usability improvements

Important! Some earlier HW versions do not support all power saving modes. Use "Analog power in sleep" enabled first. It will increase power consumption by 5-8mA in active mode. If you happen to have a newer HW version, disable analog power in sleep. If system continues working normally - use it. It saves battery.

Default mode - "disabled", i.e. if your HW does not support it, the system won't work stable.

Updated on 20.Aug.2015

Important! Please, use addresses for beacons in the range of 2..63. There were reports that addresses 64..99 don't always work well with SW v3.73. This bug has been fixed in the later versions.

- Beacon SW - v3.73
- Modem/router SW - v3.75
- The Dashboard SW - v3.45

Mobile beacon ("hedge") interfacing protocol to robots

1) Via virtual UART via USB:

This is the easiest way to connect since no soldering is required and protocol is the same for different operating systems.

- USB protocol for mobile beacon - description of the USB protocol between mobile beacon ("hedgehog") and a host device for Windows and Linux.

2) Integration with Raspberry Pi via virtual UART via USB in Python:

- Here is the Python code for Raspberry Pi (potentially, with any Linux) integration via virtual UART via USB
- Code is fairly universal; at least, it worked on Mac (OS X 10.10) too
- Python v2.7
- CRC calculation is done in "pythonic way", i.e. library crcmod is used. Comments on usage of the library are inside the code
- There are handlers of different exceptions, for example, Ctrl+C, non-standard states of COM/USB

Credits: the Python script provides interface for a mobile beacon attached to the robot built by openBerlin innovation center team. Written by Boris Zinin ( This code is free to use in your applications (please include a reference link to this web page or original author's e-mail).

Note! The code has not been verified by Marvelmind Robotics team. Use on your own risk.

3) Connection of Marvelmind hedgehog to Arduino via UART and SPI:

- The detailed description of connection to Arduino shield via UART and SPI is described in the link and the Operating Manual.

- Beacon SW
- Arduino sample code - UART
- Arduino sample code - SPI


We do currently provide extensive support to our customers via email. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Just drop us an email on:

Operating manual

Before starting working with the system, please, check the operating manual. It will guide you through all aspects of working with the system, setting it up and tuning for the best performance.

Starting in

- Check that power switch is in the right position. When the board is charged and switch is on, the LED on the board is blinking every a few seconds. See demo video for more details.
- Make sure that the map of beacons is frozen in the Dashboard before starting using the mobile beacon. - Also make sure that the mobile beacon is in "hedgehog" mode - mobile beacon mode - not in the stationary beacon mode - Check that correct SW versions are installed on the beacons, routers, hedgehog, dashboards. It is recommended to download the latest version from Download SW.
- One can check the SW version of any device by connecting it to the dashboard via USB. If already connected via radio interface, the SW version is also visible, if the device is awake.


- Charging is done automatically when device is connected to USB. It takes 1-2h to fully charge the battery.

Other help

- Notice a tiny side-looking reset button on the boards. Use it, if you are stuck.
- Any beacon being attached to the computer via USB and connected to dashboard, becomes a router, if router's SW is downloaded into it. Pay attention that only one router shall be connected to the dashboard at any time.
- Beacons go asleep automatically, if not visible via radio interface to modem/router for more than 1 min. They can be woken up.


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